WDMC EX2 - < Two days to upload 5 GB? - Slow Copying Speed?


I’ve been trying to copy one of my iPhoto libraries (5 GB) from my iMac Mid 2011 to WD MyCloud EX2. I’ve read several articles in the forum and I’ve tried all but the upload speeds are unbelievably slow. Once it reaches 27 MB, it says that the estimate time to complete the upload is 2-3 days.

I connected the WDMC EX2 Directly to the Mac’s ethernet port (Gigabit port) with a CAT6 cables.  Not using Wifi or LAN to transfer.

  • I have tried couple of cables just in case one was defective.

-  Tried disabling OSX firewall.

  • Tried the SSH techniques.

Since none of these worked and after couple of weeks of wasted time, I tried the FTP method.

  • I adjusted the port forwarding in my routed and set the WDMC EX2 to the DMZ.

  • Enabled FTP in the My Cloud Dashboard and share.

  • Used FIlezilla as FTP client.

Although the speeds improved drastically, unfortunately it will get stuck in several files with the error:

File transfer failed after transferring 281780 bytes in 20 seconds - Then the connection will close.

Now, I have seen screenshots in this forum where large files are transferred to this nas a higher speed. What else can I try in order to transfer files faster?


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

You can try setting the unit with a static ip as this will give you a more steady connection.

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Thank you for the respones. Yes, I gave it a static IP but speed did not improve.

I don’t have any MAC, could you explain, what this photo library consists of? It is a one big file, or a lot of small files?

I have a similar problem at one of my computers with Windows OS. When I try to copy a lot of small files, the network connection will soon fail, and I have to reset the network adapter. With large files is no problem.

You should try to change the connection speed to 100Mbps, the connection will be more stable. 5 GB is not such a big amount of information, so copying at lower speed will not take much time.

Also you must understand that copying a lot of small files takes much more time than one large file of the same size, because the system every time asks for confirmation for each file to know that it was properly delivered, and then it each time reports, that copying of a new file is started.

If You have 1000 Mbs LAN  try change Jumbo frames in WDMC ex2 to 9000. Not change MTU in computer just only NAS.