Wdmbld 4 bogging down Win 7

I had purchased and installed my 1st Duo drive; it went belly up after three weeks. I have now received and installed my second unit. It is configured in a RAID 1 setup with the latest firmware installed. It is connected to a MI424WR gigabit router provided by my Verizon FIOS account. For the last three days my PC was very slow at booting up, and just forget about running any programs. I shut it down and went into safe mode, getting rid of anything that did not look familiar. All virus scans were negative, but when subsquently turning the PC back on, the issue persisted. Shut the PC down, waited for the light on my WDMBLD to go blue, and unplugged the ethernet cable. Booted up, all was well. Decided to remove WD Smartware and reinstall latest, Just wondering if anyone else has had such an issue?

You may try resetting the MBLD, holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  You can also try from a different computer, to compare results.

Sorry, but that did not do anything for me. I find it amazing that my pc runs quick like a bunny without this drive attached, but hook it up and my entire system drops to a crawl. I have tried to make sure any possible settings were correct but to no avail. I am returning this product and going with a Seagate product for the same price. Too many headaches here ;(((