WDMB Live not getting discoverd


I am using Vista SP2 and a DLink wireless router. Connected MB to the router using the supplied cable… launched the setup application from CD and it fails to discover. Changed router port, Ethernet cable and even had it connected directly to the laptop. It refuses to discover. 

I checked Vista setup and made sure that network discovery is ON. If I ask Vista to show the full network, it shows MB connected to the router but doesn’t show up under network in Explorer. By r-clinking on the network map, I was able to bring up the Mgmt App and found that it is getting DHCP IP  x.x.x.106.

Any idea what might be wrong in my setup? I called support and after 30 min of basic troubleshoting I was advised to return the product to the store.



The discovery tool is useless.

Just go into the MBL’s setup page (like you already found) and set the IP address to whatever you want it to be.

I believe whole cd is useless (not really needed).

Never even tried to use it :slight_smile:

This sounds stupid, but make sure you repower up the MyBookLive, and also in your Windows based PC make sure you have UnPnP enable as my WinXP computer had it off.

Go into your router and see what address (try pinging the device) it assigned it and directly access the drive in your browser.