WDLXTV - Moviesheets Vs Linksheets

well going a little off topic from Moviesheets / Linksheets i’m not sure what to advise…

i lost my content scraper (on the HUB) after the TMDB changed their API  (i just use TG to do that now for me … on the HUB at least … yes i got the PINK Screen issue several times with latest firmware … rolled back and it has never been an issue since)

It’s probably a HDMI handshake issue which can probably be solved if you set the Resolution to “AUTO”

(personally though, i prefer setting things manually … as i saw some micro-jitters on some movies, setting to a Manual setting resolved it)

just my 2 cents … when scraping TV SHOW’s did you change the *MetaSource* to the TVDB ?

eg. video_playback_metadata_change_scraper_f.png

Lastly if you’re having grief with the latest firmware … you could always try rolling back :neutral_face:


Thanks again for your reply.

To be straight up, I don’t even know if there was a ‘manual’ with my WDTV Live - but I should probably flick through it.  Usually I breeze through these things and normally throw away all manuals.  I’m not an IT dude, but I did build my own PC and set up my entire Smarthomes Network with a couple of miles of Cat6.  Anyway, I say that because on the WDTV, there only seems to be one default metasource.  When I try to look for another one, it says something about not content connected or available, as if it’s looking for a USB drive or stick?  So I’ll have to figure that out.

I’ve just fooled around with TG for a few seconds and developed a gen or moviesheet (whatever it’s called for a season of say Homeland.  All is fine and I can see it on the WDTV Live when I head down to my conema room, but I don’t really see the point at the image on-screen is the size of a matchbox and despite changing the ‘view’, it’s never going to be full screen and readable.  (Hence where I thought the custom FW’s would come into play?)  Ooo yeah, and TG generated a jpg and a TGMD file automatically - whatever that is.

When you ask if I changed the *MetaSource" to the TVDB, do you mean on the WDTV Live, on TG or on theRenamer?

I suspected it may be a handshake issue but I doubt it as all my Baluns are HDCP compliant and I stuck an extra filter onto each of them and also onto my Matrix.  I’ll rollback to a previous FW release and disable ‘autoupdate’ to resolve this.  Any info/help you can give on obtaining a decent looking moviesheet (that’s big enough to read) would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help with this.

You can also use WD Live Info Editor. You can leave the naming of the file as you want you will just need to be more selective as to what you enter in the search window. E.G. for Inspector Morse S01E01 ******* just enter morse and it will provide broader search results, then pick morse, season then episode.

WD Live Info Editor


You can select the language and download the user manual here


When you ask if I changed the *MetaSource" to the TVDB, do you mean on the WDTV Live, on TG or on theRenamer?


On the WDTV Live


Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, the metasource on the WDTV Live is TVDB - there is no other option.  As per my last post - “I say that because on the WDTV, there only seems to be one default metasource.  When I try to look for another one, it says something about no content connected or available, as if it’s looking for a USB drive or stick?”  Therefore, I have no idea how to install/select a different MetaSource - even if I wanted to.

The bottom line now being that - (a) I have messed around with TG for a few seconds and seem to be able to develop sheets, thumbs without any issue, but (b) because I apparently can’t use moviesheets/linksheets via a custom FW [WDTVLX] (because of the type of newer ‘WDTV Live’ streamer I have) I have no practical way of displaying any sheets/thumbs I can create in TG that are readable.  i.e. When I flick through the 4 or 5 default display options on the WDTV (usually via the yellow button) the screen image display cycles through the list of TV programs I have in the folder from small tiles, to larger tiles, etc. (see below examples from Google) - yet none of them will give me a full screen where I can actually see and READ the sheets/thumb I generated with TG.

I would like to go from these…

Default 3.jpg

Default 2.jpg

To this…

TV sample.jpg

TV sample 2.jpg

i.e. TG seems to be one part of the puzzle - creating sheets/thumbs - which I can do without issue.  But I appear to need something else to change the default display or theme or something in order to get away from the crappy default WDTV display, so that I can actually display what TG has generated.  Hope that makes sense?

in addition to everything i said … you also have use a modified (custom) theme to display Linksheets

(search the Live Hub Theme Forum and the SMP forum for themes that support them)

"Linksheets" will not display using the Default (Mochi) Theme

"Moviesheets" will … but they only work in Gallery View / have 3 Second Delay / They Only Work for Files they won’t work with Folders / Path Links to Moviesheets must be included in Movie.xmls eg. <backdrop>The Worlds End_sheet.jpg</backdrop>  (there is a setting in TG for this)

Here’s how Linksheets work in Theme XML code: Linksheets work with Files and Folders / Display Instantly / Movie.xml’s are not required for Linksheets


SHEETS FOR FILES:  Rename the Moviesheet with a File Extension that matches your Movie File.
eg. If you have… Watchmen.mkv  then Rename your Moviesheet to Watchmen.mkv  then cut and paste it into your Theme Folder.

SHEETS FOR FOLDERS:  Rename the Moviesheet with NO File Extension
eg. If you have… MYMOVIES folder  then Rename your Moviesheet to MYMOVIES  then cut and paste it into your Theme Folder.
The File Path to Place Moviesheets is the Root of your Theme folder (ie. where all the XML files are)
  .wd_tv\theme\My Theme\ [Place Movie/LinkSheets here]

This relates to the WDTV Live Hub … WDTV SMP users must zip the theme with no compression and upload it via a web browser


Finally the “Theme” designer includes these lines of XML code into their Theme which makes the “Linksheets” appear

 For Gallery View: <image image="@@browse_text" x=“0” y=“0” w="1280"h=“720” scale=“100” bg=“1”/>

 For All Other Views: <image image="@@focused_title" x=“0” y=“0” w=“1280” h=“720” scale=“100” bg=“1”/>



_ don’t forget what i said about the 30MB Limitation for Linksheets on the SMP

_   _

That requires hacks to bypass… (that will allow the theme to run off a thumbdrive)


In closing … generating a Moviesheet/Linksheet is not difficult … but  *HOW* it gets displayed on the SMP

is the critical factor.  (as decribed in the 2 two different implementations above)

_ phew … _ have a good read  :neutral_face:

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Thanks again - I think :)  My brain is hurting after reading all that, but I appreciate you helping me out and responding.

Looks like Linksheets is the way to go as you say they will work with files and folders.  Will defo require the hack though as I doubt 30mb will get me very far?  Pity I can’t use any of the 30TB I have for this, but the hack will work fine I’m sure.

I did have a look around the forum and found something called ‘goodbye Black Mamba’ which was a custom something or other.  Not sure if that will work with my WDTV Live though?  Once I start seeing all that ‘code’, I begin to get worried though.  Pity there’s not a decent YouTube video for how to do exactly what I’m after - which if I’m right is the following…

  1. Custom Theme such as ‘goodbye Black Mamba’ - if it will work with my WDTV Live.

  2. Renaming stuff and figuring out where to add the codes above.

  3. Using TG in conjunction with the custom theme above.

  4. Implementing the hack to get past the 30mb limit on my SMP.

Pity they don’t just have it working like this out of the box - would save a tonne of time researching and reading pages and pages of stuff.

I think your in luck, if your going to look at the hack

check this first http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8707

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Thanks for your post.  There was a lot of into in there which made my head hurt and the sight of scripts usually scares me off.  As per your advice - “Don’t Change system files, unless you know what you’re doing”, I wouldn;t be entirely up to speed with the capabilities of a WDTV Live SMP, but I don;t intend to stay a novice for long.

Am I right to assume that you have developed/amended a workable version of WDTVLX for a Live SMP?  If so, happy days - many thanks.

I’m just downloading it now - can you tell if there are instructions contained within the zip?  I’m hoping there’s some tutorial in there to get me started - especially if scripts are involved.


there’s basic instruction in the zip file

of coarse for more questions, etc

please post to wdlxtv.com forum

The.King wrote:


  1. Custom Theme such as ‘goodbye Black Mamba’ - if it will work with my WDTV Live.
  1. Renaming stuff and figuring out where to add the codes above.
  1. Using TG in conjunction with the custom theme above.
  1. Implementing the hack to get past the 30mb limit on my SMP.



Joey and KAD have given you a ton of info to go through. Have fun doing some reading. :stuck_out_tongue: I am running a linksheet theme on my SMP so will add my 2Cents.

I have tried two linkheet themes on my SMP so cannot speak to all of them, but you brought up Black Mamba and that is one I have used on the SMP, as well as Simplicty.

To address your list:

1) The version of the Black Mamba theme you would want to use is called “Good Bye Black Mamba”, and it does work on the SMP. I am currently using Simplicty on my SMP with good success as well. I am sure many other Linksheet themes will work fine but cannot confirm from personel experience. The space issue will be a problem but we’ll get to that below.

2) If you install that specific theme (GBBM), you would not have to change any of the theme code. As it is already a linksheet theme, it will by default know how to present the sheets. I believe this would be the case for all Linksheet themes. You will have to do the file renaming that Joey wrote about, and then place the files in the theme’s root directory on your SMP. That theme does come with an instruction manual on how to do this.

3) That theme has a “bundle” for Thumbgen that will set it up to be used correctly for the theme. Once you have installed the bundle, you will have the options to choose templates for Movie linksheets and TV Show linksheets that are designed to match the theme. You will not have to do any real configuration of Thumbgen.

4) KAD gave you the link above to the info you need to work on the 30MB limit and has had a big hand in that side of the WD world as you can tell be the link. I’ll let you evaluate if that works for you and you feel comfortable going through the process. Down the rabbit hole you go…

@KAD - does SAMBA work on that implementation?

I love linksheets and to me it’s worth whatever it takes to get them running. If not though, moviesheet theme with the XMLs on your drives still look great and do not require any hacking of your SMP to get them to work.

Your other option would be to find and buy a WD LiveHub. Since there is an internal drive that the themes can fit on, linkhseets are simple to install and use, no hacking required. You could either sell off your SMP, or use it in another room as a client to the HUB. The Hub is by far my favorite device in the WD media player lineup.

Good luck on whatever path you decide to take.


yeah, the most recent release

has no known bugs - other than what bugs official firmware has

so yes - samba works

wireless works

netflix, and other services work

additionally, I think the most usefull feature for noobs is

if you create “.theme” folder on the same thumbdrive as the firmware provided

the theme path will automatically be set to use .theme

so user’s don’t actually need telnet to get linksheets working on SMP

just boot that firmware and create .theme folder to contain the theme and reboot

Wow, truly amazing work. thanks for sharing!



Huge thanks for your post and detailed info - really made sense without any tech jargon and good to know the GBBM theme worked for you also on a SMP.

So, to make sure I have everything right before I begin this…

  1. Turn off and remove media libary on my existing WDTV Live setup as all of those auto-generated MetaThumb files and XML files are no longer required if I am using WDTVLX FW, Linksheets, GBBM Theme bundle and TG.

  2. Remove all existing (old) MetaThumb and XML files that were auto-generated by my WDTV Media Libary from each of my folders.

  3. Download the 2.01.86-EXT3_Palace_Stock_Plus-0.0.4 (380MB) file from the link KAD79 kindly provided.  Follow the included instructions etc. for booting and this will give me WDTVLX Firmware on my WDTV Live SMP - instead of the crappy stock FW.  (If I have any issues, post in the WDTVLX forum as opposed to here.)

  4. Download TG and open.

  5. Download GBBM Theme Pack from here ( http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes/Theme-GoodBye-Black-Mamba-LinkSheet-Updated-Dec-14th/td-p/510386), follow the instructions and add the theme pack to TG.  (a) In the pdf instructions, it says something about renaming but as I don’t have a current moviesheet, I assume this won’t apply to me?  (b) When links and instructions refer to putting things in the ‘Theme Root Folder’, I know this is usually the uppermost (beginning) folder, but can someone please give me an example of the ‘path’ for clarity? 

i.e. Say all of my movies/TV programs are in separate folders on Drive L (my NAS) -

“L:\HD Movies”

and or

“L:\HDTV\Homeland.Seasons 1-3.[HD]”

…if I am creating sheets for Homeland, is there a folder that will be auto-generated by WDTVLX, GBBM and/or TG that I move all of these files to, or what?

  1. Check forums and YouTube etc. for a better understanding of TG and how to utilise it properly.

  2. Figure out the workaround for the 30MB limit on my SMP (or 13MB limit when using GBBM Theme).  After reading the links provided, it only seems possible to work-around this limit with a USB Stick permanently inserted into the back of the WDTV Live.  Is there no other way around this?  Considering my WDTV Live is directly connected to a 6TB NAS (and my NAS directly networked to a 30TB Tower Raid) is it not possible to set up a folder somewhere on any drive and point the WDTV Live to this for all the Linksheet info I generate?  If not, I can dig out an old USB key, but the folder option would be easier and more future proof - especially when looking at thousands of Linksheets.

  3. The Linksheet step-by-step guide (pdf) says: “5. copy the renamed movie sheet into the root folder of the theme…done”.  Where is the root folder of the theme?

Step-by-step (pdf) guide that came with GBBM Bundle.

Steps 1 & 2 - fine. 

Step 3 - confused.  The ‘cover box’ & ‘sheet’ are the exact same jpg for a start (I thought they would be different) as in, I thought one would look like the image in the bottom right corner of TG - the main sheet in MovieSheet Editor.

Step 4 - ok I think.  I changed the moviesheet file extension .jpg to (in this case) .avi, but do I only change the extension?

Step 5 - as I written above, copy the renamed moviesheet to where?  What root?

Step 6 - fine. Changed (removed) .jpg extension.  It now just reads ‘folder’.

Sorry for all this, I’m just trying to get off on the right foot here.  A bit like a learner driver - we were all one once, now they just annoy everyone, so sorry if this post is VERY Noob.  Hopefully it will really explain things for other Noobs just getting started.


Many thanks for your posts also and for pointing me in the right direction.  And to @JoeySmyth too, who gave me a lot of info (and a headache which I clearly asked for :smiley: )

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@The.King , here are some answers to your questions, to the best of my ability. I applaud your enthusiasm as you embark on this epic journey to turn your SMP into a tricked out killer media device. Now if it were only easy….

Answers to your Questions (hopefully):

I am not going to quote your questions as this post is more than long enough already. Just refer back to your previous post.

1) Yes, turn off media library

2) Yes, remove all existing metadata and XML files that are in your movie directories.

3) Yes, installing that Firmware will get you the space you need, butyou will have to get support for it on the other board. Then of course once you get it up and running,  thank KAD for all his hard work, incredible tech skill, as well as generosity to give it to the community for FREE! (Flowers is probably over the top, but maybe putting him on your holliday card list would be appropriate.)  :smileyvery-happy:



4) Yes, you will need to install Thumbgen

5) Correct, you do not have to delete any of your old Black Mamba 1.9 moviesheets since you do not have any. The root folder will be the actual root of the theme, so “\Goodbye Black Mamba Theme” on your SMP after you have installed it by uploading the zip file. Inside that folder you will see all the theme’s XML files. That is where you are going to put your linksheets as well. 

When you generate your sheets and covers, TG will place the cover with the movie, and then the linksheet one directory back. That said, those are configurable variables in TG and you can have it place the sheet wherever you like. In Thumbgen under “options” there is a tab called “Input/output naming” which you can specify where you would like each of the pieces it generates to be placed when they are made.

6) No. Do not go to youtube to learn Thumbgen. You could, but since DeVicious has written a guide on exactly what to do, you just need read the two PDF’s that come with the theme. The PDF “Black Mamba 1.9 User Guide for old Sheets.pdf” will clearly walk you through using Thumbgen for the theme. The second guide, “Link Sheet Manual - Black Mamba.pdf” will give you a bit more info on the process, how to rename the linksheets appropriately, and where to place them (answered in #5 above). If you want to get more in depth, then go back and read up on TG, but for starters, don’t overload yourself with too much info. Let’s just get one or two linksheets working so you have proof of concept. Others here may disagree with me, but too much information at once can be overwhelming. She has made this easy for you, take advantage of that and learn the in-depth part later, or when you have no choice because of the need to trouble shoot a problem that arises.

7) This is a question you would have to discuss on the other board. Sorry, not appropriate for here since it is about the alternate FW and not made by WD. My suggestion though is to use a thumb drive for your theme, and keep it separate from your NAS. Just an opinion though.

8) The root folder question has already been answered in #5 - “\Goodbye Black Mamba Theme”. That is on your SMP once you have installed the theme.

8A+) In step 3 in the guide, she explains that you will be creating two files with the same name. One of them (the cover art) in the movie’s folder, and one of them (the linksheet) in one folder “up”. Though they will have the same name (“moviename”.jpg), they should look very different. The first should just be the cover. The second (one folder up) should be a sheet with all the movie info, scene picture, etc. That is the one you will rename to the same EXACT name as the movie, EXTENSION and all, and put in “\Goodbye Black Mamba Theme” on your SMP. I would not worry about making linksheets for folders yet until you get a few working movie linksheets. I don’t recall, but I don’t think there are folder templates for GBBM so stick with movies for now. Just make the covers for the folders and deal with the sheets later. Get the basics down first, then move forward from there.

Other Advice:

Lots of stuff here but you are on your way. I am unclear what you have actually done. My advice would be to go in this order. You have way too many things going on at once and it will be impossible to troubleshoot if you don’t test things one at a time and make sure each step works. You are dealing with custom FW and a semi-complex linksheet theme. This works great and looks killer, but you will likely encounter and issue or two along the way and it would be nice to know what is working well, versus what is not.

This is the Order I Would Use:

1) Turn off media library and delete all metadata form you NAS

2) Install alternate FW KAD linked you to, and get used to using it

3) Install GBBM theme by zipping and uploading through web interface as directed. Play with and enjoy for a bit, make sure is working on thumbdrive. Make sure all the screens look good and that you actually have installed the theme correctly. Reboot the SMP several times to make sure that GBBM has stuck and the SMP does not go back to the default theme.

4) Install Thumbgen onto your computer, and then install GBBM bundle that came with the theme

5) Make 1 or 2 linksheets for movies in TG. This is a test; do not make tons of linksheets till you know if you have this working correctly. Leave cover jpg with movie. Find linksheet one level up. Open it up in a graphics viewer/editor and determine if it looks correct.

6) Rename linksheet, and copy to “\Goodbye Black Mamba Theme” on SMP

7) Put view to gallery view, go to that movie, and see if sheet comes up. If no sheet but just movie cover along the bottom, you have made a mistake in either then naming or the directory you put the sheet in.

8) If does not work immediately (it should though) you may try a full re-boot of the SMP and then go back and look at that movie again in gallery view.

"A picture is worth a thousand words":

Here are two pictures of my device when it was running GBBM.

The top picture is the linksheet itself that I created in Thumbgen, then opened on my computer with a graphics program before renaming it. Yours should look somewhat similar when you open it in your graphics editor.

The bottom picture is what GBBM should look like on your screen in gallery view when browsing through your movies. The selected movie should be showing the linksheet for it, and the movie cover(s) should be below. If you can get this to work with ONE or TWO linksheets, you then know that you have the process down, and are ready to proceed with creating sheets for all of your movies. Expect this to take some time with that many TBs of video.

Good Luck my friend. You are in for a wild ride, but it will be well worth it.



Seriously dude, I can’t thank you enough for your last post.  I REALLY appreciate the time you took to reply and to be so thorough with your instructions.  Serious thanks - I’m putting you on my holiday card list also!  :smileyvery-happy:

That’s you, KAD and JoeySmyth!

I suppose the only tiny thing I never asked or covered was my actual folders for all my movies and TV programs - to ensure everything works as intended.

If I have the likes of this as the path for ‘some’ movies: “L:\HD Movies\Classic Movies in HD\BD-BR Rips [HD]” and then within that folder I have a sub-folder for each movie (approx. 565 folders and within those sub-folders there would also be some (a lot of) other sub-folders for trilogies/quadrilogies etc.) - can I leave them like that?  Or in order for the GBBM Theme to work as intended (and copying all renamed sheets to the root, do I need to have all movies out of folders and all just stored in the root also? 

I don’t think that would be right, as (a) I’d have thousands of different containers [.mkv., .m2tS, .mp4, etc.) and their accompanying .srt files for subs all in the one root and (b) I’d assume folders would be required if you wanted to set up genres such as ‘Comedy’, ‘Action/Adventure’, etc. - but hey, I’ve asked everything else, so I might as well make sure I get the folder set-up right from the offset as well.

I have many folders for movies to cover off 720p, 1080p, full BR Rips, Classics, New Movies, DVDRips, etc.  The same can be said for all TV programs - usually one folder for each series (say ‘Mad Men’) and then within that folder, I’d have a subfolder for each season (‘Mad Men - Season 1 [HD]’, ‘Mad Men - Season 2 [HD]’, etc.).

I only ask this because I noticed when using the crappy FW that came with my WDTV Live, after adding my media libary, I noticed that about 70% of all files were auto-updated successfully with XML files and Metadata, but all movies/TV programs stored within sub-folders for trilogies etc., nothing was created.  Obviously WDTV had issue with this, so I just want to make sure that as I embark on this wild ride, I get it right for the Theme.

Again, massive, massive thanks Pearl , I genuinely think I would have become overwhelmed before I even got started and just ‘put up with’ the crappy pre-installed FW.  Now - I’ll defo look forward to tackling this project.

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You do not need to put all of your movies in the root of your NAS, you can have them in subfolders if you like. That said this will be a nightmare if you have each movie in its own folder. You would not see the linksheet until you went into that individual folder. Most people use genre folders (similar to what you have), and put all the movies for that genre in that folder. Yes though, I do also have sub folders for trilogies etc. If you look at the movies along the bottom of my picture above, you will notice that the first two are actually folder for the Iron Man movies and the X-Men movies. The rest are actual movies. Making linksheets for folders is not that difficult, but you do not want to make it for hundreds of them. More reasonable would be “Action”, “Comedy”, “Drama” etc.

I did check though and the theme does have folder templates which you can use if you like how they look. Note that the folder sheet template is made specifically for genres, so you could not use that template for a specific movie.

For GBBM, I believe I just made the folder linksheets by hand. Remember that these are just JPGs that are 1280x720. I made the jpgs for the folders in a graphics editor, and then renamed it to the name of the folder and dropped it into the theme root.  If you have any decent graphics skills, just make a jpg that is 1280x720, find the pics you want to use on the net, add the info you want (title of the genre etc), and then save it. Do your rename and “Ta Da” you have a linksheet. For folder, you name them the EXACT name of the folder with no extension. And I mean EXACT, capitalization will matter for folder sheets.

Yes, these genre folders will have a lot of movies of different formats, as well as their cover art and any subtitle files. You could of course convert all of them to a standard format like MKV if you wanted. You are also correct about TV shows. A folder for the show, and subfolders for the seasons. The theme has templates for TV Show folders, TV Show Season Folders, and TV Show Episodes. Those templates will make the linksheet and the cover art.

Now, figure out the folders thing you have going on. A folder for each movie is not going to work out very well. You want to go into a folder like “Classics” and see all of the movies along the bottom, and the highlighted one to be showing the linksheet above. Get those arranged on your NAS in way that will be easy to find what you want. Subfolders will work, just don’t go too deep. For an example, I have a folder for “Comedy” and then underneath that I have “Classic Comedy” and “Modern Comedy”. For me that was manageable and easy enough to make the folder sheets for, and I don’t have to have a Chaplin or Buster Keaton movie next to Anchorman when I am browsing.

Time to get moving on this my friend. Things will make more sense once you get going. Get KAD’s FW and the theme installed and make sure you have that down first. TG comes after that.


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Roger that.  Most of that made sense, but I have a TONNE of work to do, to create new genre folders and then individually copy/paste movie & .srt files for over 980 items - and that’s just on my NAS.  When I get to my Raid tower, you can add another ‘0’ onto the end of that figure. 

I never really liked using the Genre folders idea.  I tried it years ago when I first started out, but it was difficult to find the movie I wanted to watch at the time (due to the lack of a search feature on my media player back then) and it was also impossible to get through newer movies as opposed to older classics I’ve seen before, as everything was mixed together within each genre.  I like to separate the new from the old.  Still, I can appreciate the logic behind the genres and I understand why it would be a nightmare to leave things as I currently have them, when trying to implement the GBBM Theme.  SO I will attempt to ‘come over’ to the other side.

I think I may be going ‘dark’ for a long while now in order to try my hand at everything previously discussed on this forum, so for now - I again, would like to thank you (and the other contributors to this post - for info and for their FW links, etc.) and with a bit of luck - I can post in a while (weeks, months?) to proudly confirm everything worked a treat (I hope!)  In the meantime, if I run into any minor issues or have a (stupid Noob) question - I hope it’s ok to ask for help.

Again, many thanks - I certainly wouldn’t be trying any of this had I not had the help and experienced insight from all you guys.

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@KAD79, @pearl,

I’ve just sat down with a coffee and re-read this entire post from beginning to end before I started my work - clicking into and re-reading the various links provided too. Apart from feeling like a brain hemorrhage is quickly coming on, I’m highly confused and having a couple of doubts (about my ability) to implement this 30MB hack.

The reason I didn’t go with a WDTV Live Hub is due to a complete automated Smarthomes system integrated throughout my house - i.e. miles of Cat6 throughout the walls, one central hub and an 8x8 Matrix Switcher controlling the lot (think Control4). Therefore, only a basic WDTV Live was required to connect to my NAS, but I can switch to the WDTV from any room in the house and watch content on any TV, hence a Live Hub was complete overkill. (However, given the information I’ve come across regarding linksheets, TG and custom FW since I got my SMP, I’m beginning to wish I had purchased the Live Hub just to get past this 30MB limit.

I know there’s a tonne of info out there and I have read, re-read and re-read (several times in some cases) the various links provided for hacking this limitation…




The problem I have being; some of these posts were initially posted in the infancy or early stages of development (Dec 2012), so the information contained within is not entirely clear or concise as it was still in development - certainly not for a non-techy, non-developer Noob anyway. I also have no idea which of the links to ignore and which to follow step by step (putting yourself in my shoes, it’s hard to deciper when half the language being used is (or reads like) advanced developer lingo). I’ve seen more Cap letters here than after a surgeons name :neutral_face:  Going by KAD79’s link, this seems to give me the right WDLXTV custom FW and also the hack to get around the 30MB limit, so do I even need to be reading the other two links or are they just giving me an unnecessary headache?

The other problem being, just how techy it all seems. i.e. DMAOSD.logs, Telenet, CMD lines via browser to input IP to place a palace.bin file somewhere, Config scripts, etc. All just to get a USB stick inserted and get around the 30MB limit?

With the absolute greatest of respect, some of the instructions are a little vague for the non techy, non developer…


_ Overview: First you run one of the scripts in homebrew/ - confirm palace is in homebrew mode _

Ok, but run the script from where? Am I running the script from my PC or am I heading down to my cinema room, turning on my WDTV Live, connecting to my PC from my WDTV via the network and then running the script on my WDTV?

_ On Windoze: to execute: _

Step 1) edit device-ip.txt and enter in the file *ONLY* your media players IP address

Step 2) win-homebrew-upload.bat

Step 3) win-homebrew-brewme.bat

Step 4) win-homebrew-status.bat

I’m already lost after step 1! Where or how do I edit the device-ip.txt for example? When you first read this, there’s no clue as to whether you’re referring to a file on the downloaded content on a PC or if the ‘device-ip’ file is some hidden file located on the WDTV somewhere. OK, after about 3-4 mins of looking through everything, I found the device-ip file, but it would have been easier if step 1 was written like this…

Step 1) After un-zipping your download, locate the ‘homebrew’ folder and inside it - the text document labelled ‘device-ip’. Open this and change the existing IP address to that of your own WDTV media player’s IP address.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it (I’m just trying to get my head around it before starting, otherwise I know that I’ll hit a wall half way through and have NO WDTV at all - which would be a nightmare), but even one guy in the links above had Linksheets implemented on an older WDTV previously - and even he had a couple of questions and queries to get around. If he had done it all before and still couldn’t figure out some of it - what chance have I got? In a way, it’s very much like a different language - I can see the words, but it ain’t making much sense.

I certainly have no intention of coming across as ungrateful here (genuinely), I fully understand and appreciate the amount of time and info you have all given to this post to help me out and I know that no one can ‘do it for me’ - but if there was one link with a cleaned up set of instructions (in simple-ish language) - it would make this far less daunting for me and any other Noobs attempting this. I am sure it would then be something that would take around 20 minutes to implement as opposed to reading through pages and pages of forums for days and I could spend that time sorting out all of my files and folders and working on TG. From what I’ve read - I’m sure a lot of people wanted to try custom FW & Linksheets, but read a few of these links, got overwhelmed and thought “Ehhhhh, maybe I’ll just leave it alone, life’s too short”. Everytime I re-read some of these links, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too. I’d really like linksheets and some custom FW, but I still want to be sane after I’ve completed the work.

I can imagine how this post could be taken incorrectly, so I want to say again that I really appreciate the help to date and I am not trying to rub anyone up the wrong way. If would just be immensely helpful if there was a straight talking foolproof instruction guide to go about doing this, as I am sure a lot of people visiting these forums and enquiring about custom FW are the same as me, a Noob with no clue on this topic who would like to a slick looking WDTV thanks to your hard work.

I know I have the bones of it to hand and I could nearly recite the pages throughout the forum that I’ve read so many times, but as I mentioned before, I just want everything to make sense before I kill my existing WDTV FW. Apologies for the long post.

well, most of these questions are going to be better answered over at WDLXTV - trying to keep some separation between official firmware and custom fw

but just a bit here 

majority of those links you can ignor

http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=7663&start=0 - this is an ok reference, at least for how to do the boot process

http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/Getting-around-the-30MB-theme-limit-and-repointing-the-SMP-to/m-p/631463/highlight/true#M25055 - Defintely ignor this

http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8707 - this is the firmware you should run

The way this firmware has been designed so that you don’t need any cmd line, etc …

it’s availabe if you want it, but not needed

you just go through the windows boot process

anways, how about we continue the conversation at http://forum.wdlxtv.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8707

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