WDLTV adding more network folders to the library than I am asking for

On my NAS, I’ve got a few different folders…  here’s my structure:





What happens when I add “/shows” is that is indicates I added that network folder (normal).  When I go to add “/shows_family”, it reports that that folder was already added.  odd right?  I didn’t add it.  I even backed out and deleted the library and removed all sources to start fresh.  Same result.

Any idea why this is occuring?  Does the WDTVL just assume that because “/shows_family” starts with “shows” that it must be all the same?  I have these divided up like this for my daughter.

Yes, it’s a bug.

Thank you.  Is there a bug report section where I can track this?  I suppose its just a waiting game now.  perhaps I will rename the folders to correct this as a workaround?