Wdlive TV no sound

I need a little hep please . 

I have the wd tv live media player fro about 6 months ,no issues .Suddenly I don’t have sound.  Tried another HDMI cable thinking its the cable ,its not.  Resest to factory default ,still no results, Upgraged back to lates version ,still no luck. 


Have you tried using another HDMI port on the TV, or another TV?


Yes tried another TV and tried another HDMI port  still no results.  I do not have cables to try the alternative through component.  Not sure if i should spend the money to buy the cable if the unit is faulty

I just changed the title to provide the correct model i have

is there no one out there that can help

First of all, what type of file are you trying to play (for example:  are you trying to play an .mkv with AC3, or .mp4 with AAC, or .m2ts with DTS)?  What is the audio set to in your settings? 

You can e-mail my personal e-mail (hogger129@gmail.com) if you want to, also.  You might get a quicker response that way, plus we can exchange photos or something to try to describe and sovle the issue you’re having.

Also, do you know if you have the Gen 1 or Gen 2 model?