WDLive TV Hub Freezing On Network Fixed! - WDTV Hub and streaming to WDLive Boxes

Hello All…

I currently have a WDTV Live Hub in the lounge and 3 WDLive boxes in bedrooms and all hard wired. For about a year all the 3 WDLive boxes streamed effortless from the HUB in the lounge (Infact all 3 streamed 1080p at once with NO hicup).

About 2 months ago i noticed if i played a movie on the WDLive box it would freeze and stop playing, i noticed that for an unknown reason data was not being sent.

To cut a long story short (after rewiring and changing routers & switches) i finally got it re-working by putting back an older firmware. To date it has NOT frozen once. The firmware for network streaming issues i have found stable is 3.03.13.

After strolling through the WD Community ive noticed not many posts where people are using the Hub and streming to 3 WD Live boxes so i decided to explain my issue and how it worked for me by going back to an earlier firmware.

It would be interesting to see how many others in my position had a similar issue…



I only have a live hub, but thanks for sharing. Maybe you should report the problem in the issues section. Check the link below.


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