WDLive reboots once when starting

So I turn on my WDLive and it seems to start up, but reboots and then restarts.  Then all is fine.   I think (could be wrong) this only started when I started using Netflix?

I’ve read a few “solutions”, but none seem to work or apply to me.  Tried a reset as well and since my passwords are reeeeeeeeeally long I’d rather not have to do that again  :slight_smile:

I was hoping to just wait until the next firmware update for a fix (maybe) but now the wife is getting “annoyed” and it’s driving me nuts every time I turn it on.


what firmware version do you have installed on your WD TV?

If you look closely, the two “splash” images during boot aren’t the same.

It’s not “restarting.”  It’s just continuing the boot process.

As luck would have it I turn on my WDLive today and it works perfectly - just like before.  It’s been weeks of messing with it and today, for some reason, it just fixes itself?

The firmware version is 2.02.32 btw.

And I don’t think it was all one booting process.  When it’s working right (like now) it loads within a few seconds.  When messed up it was loading for around 20 seconds, then going blank (no light on WDLive and “retreiving data” comes up on the TV) only to start loading from scratch again.

I don’t understand why it suddenly fixed (fingers crossed) itself.

A hard boot from cold does go in 2 steps. It always has. A soft boot is quicker and goes on one step with one splash screen. U get a hard boot by doing a long (5s) press of power button when box was last on. A quick press will give u a soft boot only.

ps to free up memory being leaked away by latest forward, a hard boot is advised after running apps or a media compilation

Sounds like you may have been doing a hard shutdown as opposed to a soft shutdown. 

If you just momentarily press the remote ‘off’ button, it does a soft shutdown, and when the button is pressed again, the SMP comes up in a few seconds.

If you press the remote ‘off’ button for more than 5 seconds, the SMP will fully shutdown and require a full reboot (as noted, two different splash screens will appear) when turned on again and take much longer to boot than a soft shutdown.

Good call, Rider…

The WD never “boots” in just a few seconds.   It takes about 50 seconds total to start from scratch.

The interval I was describing above (where there’s no video) is when the WD’s boot process is re-initializing the HDMI hardware and syncing up with the display.

If it’s coming up in a few seconds, it is only coming out of “standby” – it was never “off” to begin with.

There’s also a potential that they auto-shutdown timer is causing it to go OFF after a period of time.  If you never changed it, the default is to do that in 3 hours.

Without network connection it takes ~ 90 seconds to boot from off.

Ahhh, that makes sense.  Since the batteries in my remote were getting a big shadey I have been holding down the off button.

Thanks Guys.

But that said, three times since I was last here the box light comes on, but it stays with “no signal” on the sceen, even if I turn it off and on again.  In fact the only way I can get it to start normally is to pull it out from the power for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

No doubt I’m doing something wrong again…