Wdlive player issues


I using the WDLIVE media player since a couple of weeks. A good gadget… but for one or two hitches. Or may be I being naive may be facing it.

  1. When I copy a DVD DISC with DTS sound to an external hard disc, and if the same is played through the WDTV LIVE player, the sound emitted is of DOLBY DIGITAL and not DTS, neither is there any option of switching it to DTS, through the menu. This I come to know due to display on the AVR, and the initial indication on the TV screen through the player that it is played in DD. But when I play downloaded DTS content through the player, it shows DTS, and the sound is definitely DTS grade. Is there a way so as to enjoy the copied DVD DTS DISC through the player in DTS format.

  2. Secondly when I copy a DVD DISC to the external hard disc, and start playing it through the WD LIVE, the files displayed are of VOB (since they are AUDIO TS AND VIDEO TS FOLDERS) But these  VOB files are multiple in nature, 7 to 8 or may be more, and they all play the same content when entered. And to make the matters more confusing the names of the files displayed are VOB_1. 1232 MB, VOB_ 1433 MB and such, whereby I can’t recognize the name of the movie. Whereas the downloaded content displays the perfect the name of the movie, .avi or .mkv format and such. But the copied DVD DISC doesn’t displays the movie name. Is there a way to rename it for ease of recognizing and playing.

Is there a way out. Plz let me know



with regard to number 2

put your VIDEO_TS folder and VOB contents into another folder which has the name of your ripped movie.

To add to what richUK said…You do not have to select each VOB individually in order to play the movie. Leave the video files in the VIDEO_TS folder, select the VIDEO_TS folder (press “Enter’), then press the ‘Play’ button on the remote. Once the video starts playing, select ‘Options’. You will then be able to select 'Menu” and have normal DVD navigation.