WDLIVE - Movies dont read SRT subtitles with NAS by LAN

That’s it!

I hope WD TEAM fix it!

Have you search the rest of the forum about this issue? I’d give it a try.  You can also contact WD’s Technical Support by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I have the same problem.  

I had this problem when using my Media Server which is a Twonky running on a QNAP NAS. I had to use Network share in order to get WD TV Live to “see” the subtitle file…  Al

What NAS do you have and is it running a media server. As has already been stated it may be that the media server does not support SRT subtitles.

My WDLIVE is not loading/reading .SRT subtitles format (English subtitles) at all. Neither when I’m playing a movie from Network share nor I’m playing a movie from a local HDD. I ask for help to supporting team and I hope I will get an answer soon that will solve this problem. I’m used to watch movies with volume on low …

Post the name of your movie file, and the name of your srt file here, and whether they are together. I have no problems when the names are exactly the same except for the characters after the period… Al

Your NAS doesn’t send the text to the WDTV Live - it can’t play what it can’t see.

Use a network share instead.

It works! You are right, the name of the subtitle should be the same as the name of the movie file. I never tought to that. Thank you very much for your help. :smiley:

1/. Have you put the movie file and the subtitle file in the same folder with exactly the same name?

     For example:    Aeon Flux [2005]   

                                 Aeon Flux [2005].srt

2/. In the “Settings and Advanced Features” go to “Video” and set Subtitle Default On.

3/. Play the movie now. I just bought the WD TV Live only a few days, connected with 50" Panasonic HD Plasma TV. It               worked for me and I hope you do too.      

1.- WDTV  does not support SRT subtitles on media servers (twonky, qnap, synology, ps3mediaserver, etc)

2.- WDTV support subtitles from Network Share


i suggets:  create a folder for each movie:


insidee put the movie, picture and subtitle with the same name!!!

Like these:

/2010/2010.avi  <-- avi, mkv, mp4, etc


/2010/2010.jpg  <–Movie poster or fan art  180x270

/2010/FOLDER.jpg <–Movie poster  or fan art 180x270

Thats the structure i have for all my movies and works like charm. :smileyvery-happy:

As I understand it, it’s not quite true that WDLive doesn’t support subs through media server.

For one thing embeded subs do work (mkv, mp4, etc).  And as far as I know, dlna server specs do not officially support subs.  I was told support for subs is vendor specific.  I’m not sure about upnp specs.

It’s too bad it doesn’t support srt files through a Media server (I have a Synology 209). My HDX-1000 that I use in another room, plays the srt files just fine when using the media-server functionality. I don’t browse to it through a network share, but via the DLNA mediaserver functionality.

The WD TV LIVE HD however doens’t do this. So saying that the mediaserver doesn’t support is is a case of bs I’m affraid. The WD device just isn’t capable of doing this. I should say it isn’t that hard to implement.