WDLabs PiDrive Cable Alternatives?

I purchased the PiDrive when they were out a few years ago, along with the cable, case, and power supply. I never actually got around to using the drive, and over time, I lost the cable. I’ve been doing searching for a original replacement cable, but can’t find one for sale anywhere. Is there an alternative cable I can use to connect the drive to my Pi 3?

I think WD only has them as they are not a standard type of cable.

I have a PiDrive (didn’t order the “kit”) and just use a short standard USB cable (below) works fine for me.

As long as you use a good quality power supply and the recommended 2.5A you won’t have any power problems. Heck, i can power a WD 4TB My Passport Ultra on my Pi3 without any power issues or excessive heat.