Wdl ip address problem

After i changed in settings static ip address of mbl into dhcp, software said that operation cannot be completed because of an error. I tried to reinstall software (last download version), but during installation and checking device software detected that device cannot be configured. Status now is:

  • wd mbl is fully accessible on lan
  • his last (static) ip address can be pinged
  • his ip address is not visible in router
  • dashboard is not working and disk settings cannot be accessed
  • disk hard reset is not helping

I would appreciate any help


Try resetting the router and power cycling the My Book Live.

Router or disk reset or power off/on does not resolve the problem

Wonder if you set up static correct.

Verify you have access to dashboard, try by IP such as:


If you do not, I would reset drive (hold reset for 4 seconds), that will only reset password and back to DHCP.

And yeah, I woud make sure there are backups before anything is done.