WDIdleDisable Tool for more WD Elements Portable and Passport drives

I hope WD can offer a WDidleDisable Tool for more WD elements drives, just as you did for WD elements SE Portable. I bought a WD Elements Portable Drive with P/N WDBUZG0010BBK-01, and I am concerned about its loas cycle problem. I wish WD can offer the tool for these drives, thanks in advance.

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I support the idea, specially for model:


The tool WDIdleDisable_v6 crashes when trying to apply for this model.

Tested in Windows 8.1 32bit, 64bit, and Windows XP 32bit.

Hello i have the following USB unit (3.0) WDBUZG0010BBK and i tried to use official WdIdleDisable_v6 tool but it says that cannot apply the update.

I checked the Load Cycle count value and it’s growing so i suspect that also this drive has Intellipark on.

Could you please help me ?

PS = i also tried official dos version (1.0.5) with no luck, and also the unofficial Linux version idle3-tools with the following error (HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) failed: Invalid argument)

Many thanks