WDH1U5000E No drivers but needs drivers?


My WDH1U5000E 500GB has failed somehow. It is not detecting when putting the power on. The power is going on and flashing blue light but nothing coming up under my computer. In the right corner it is asking for drivers which you cannot get even called tech support and told me to send drive back, however I have opened it and may void warranty can I do anything else like replace the logic board with another one will that work or will it ask me for drivers again as this model doesn’t have drivers it is plug and play apparantly?


Can you upload a detailed photo of the component side of the board to a file sharing service?

Can you hear the drive spin up? Any vibration? Did you drop it? Did you overvolt it with the wrong adapter?

Can you see it in Disk Management? Device Manager?

Can you see the USB enclosure with Microsoft’s UVCView utility?

I have packed it up and sending it back it’s useless. It doesn’t boot up it lights up inside but no flash light on where it is meant to. Windows picks it up under device manager however no files are being loaded or folder pop up.