WDgeneralnetworkerror 416. Must I always have to reinstall EVERYTHING?!

My journey with WD My Book Live has been tough. When it works, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. When it doesn’t, it’s like gout pain - excruciating.

What happens is that I’m forced to delete and reinstall the My Cloud app (and therefore delete the 6GB of downloaded files which took 4 hours to download from the NAS to the ipad) whenever the app fails to download a folder or a file and gives out this WDgeneralnetworkerror 416 error. This is the equivalent of Windows’ Blue Screen of Death.

I tried rebooting the NAS, closing the app on the ipad, rebooting the ipad but the error will persist. No matter what I do, the file and folder - once it failed to download once - will NEVER again download. And even the copy of that file that failed to download which is on the NAS itself will also not open when I click on it, as long as I use the app to access it. The file is fine when I access it through my MacBook afp connection.

It’s like the NAS has somehow made a record that the file shall never be opened or downloaded by the app on my ipad, unless I delete the app, reinstall a brand new copy and re-download everything. I feel like a sitting duck. When MBL feels like it and return a WDgeneralnetworkerror 416 while I’m auto-syncing or downloading a folder or file on my ipad, I’m doomed to delete everything I’ve downloaded and start ALL OVER AGAIN!

Does anybody have this experience?

I’m using the latest version of WD My Cloud and My Book Live firmware is also updated.

I’m seriously considering switching to another NAS. I can’t take all this uncertainty and lack of reliability. MBL is just too fragile and temperamental.

Have you tried checking if the problem happens on another iOS device? 

Yes it happens on another iPad also running ios7. I hope you don’t tell me that the problem could be with ios7 just because all my devices are running on ios7. I don’t have a problem like this on my Iphone also running ios7. It’s too easy to just look for what’s common and then turn all attention to that as the cause, which usually is someone else’s problem, in this case, Apple’s. If anyone else is using ios7 and have no such problem I would really appreciate if you could drop a quick note here to dispel any doubts. Thanks.

I have iOS 7.1 on both my iPad 3 and my iPhone 4S working ok. I don’t have iOS 7.0.x anymore, though.

I am getting the same problem very frustrating. No solution found yet.

I am having the same problem. Files >2MB seem to be affected. Of 86 files I had ready to upload from my iPad, 9 have failed. However of the others some between 2 and 4MB initially failed but retries with them succeeded. The fails seem to occur at the same point during the “Progress” report. Here are the file types, total sizes and points when the fail during progress:

.mov 42.8MB fails at 4.0MB
.jpeg 3.4MB fails at 3.1MB
.mov 230.6MB fails at 7.9MB
.mp4 862.8MB fails at 5.1MB
.jpeg 4.0MB fails at 3.3MB
.jpeg 4.8MB fails at 3.4MB
.jpeg 4.5MB fails at 3.5MB
.mov 53.3MB fails at 3.7MB
.mov 14.6MB fails at 6.0MB