WDG2NC10000E lockes up - light constantly on and not blinking

Not able to access my WDG2NC10000E any more. Tried rebooting, and was able to access it, change login/password/workgroup, but after a while it locked up again. Several attempts to reboot not successful.

Startup when reset seems normal in the beginning - powering with paperclip on reset button up, disc starts to spin, after a while light turns on and after approx 10 sec outer circle starts to spin around (paperclip released when spinning starts).

Than it lockes up and leaves the disc with no activity - light constantly on (not blinking) Not accessable via IP address or via MioNet. Have tried resets both with and without network connection

The disk itselves is from 2008 so I’ll be happy if I could connect to get the content copied from it.

Any tips?

BR JoranG

If you had a RAID 1 (Mirror) then follow this article to dismantle the drive, then use the Fedora Core 14 Live CD on a drive so you can take out the data.