WDG1NC7500 backup files

Registered Product: WDG1NC7500

I have tried to view or restore backup files from an WD external drive but it don’t work. I have tried with a XP driven PC. Is it possible to send the drive to WD and get the files back on an other media?

The backup program used is the one wich followed the drive.

WD does not perform data recovery or data extraction services.

The model number for that unit corresponds to a WD My Book World Edition (Blue Rings), and it may have been bundled with the original versions of WD Access, WD Sync, or WD Anywhere Backup. Which application is the one you used? Which error message do you get when trying to access the content?

On the other hand, can you manually access your NAS’s shares when mapping the unit?

Hi, thank you for the quick answer.
We haven’t found the CD wich was delivered with the disk. The user manual shows instructions for installation of WD Anywhere Access and EMS Retrospect Backup Software. The Retrospect Backup Software was used for back up but I remember that we wasn’t able to see the back up’d files.
This evening I have followed your instructions and finally managed to map the disk. Explorer tells the public folder is empty but I see that 50GB is used. (see the enclosed file)

I have possibly two choices: Go further with the try to get the files on the WD My Book or send the crashed disk on the computer to a company for recovery.

Øystein Jensen