WDFMEService, WDRulesService and WDDMService

Greetings, whose of these services are safe to disable in sense of preserving full MyBook functionality, ie. full drive access. I’m only needing the smartcontrol status in system tray, everything else like virtual CDs, disk security or backup features I don’t use.

In fact no software is required for the drive to work and you can uninstall all software included with the drive and simply use the drive as if it was a memory stick and just copy and paste or drag and drop the files over. 

Thank U, I let the WDDMService and WDDMStatus processes, the FME and Rules service doesnot seem to be missed but Im not sure. I still need the tray icon due to disk health monitoring. Btw. one of my MyBooks is reaching 60°C quite often especially in summer, although the WD tray control reports Temperature: OK for that drive, can I trust it?

Make sure the My Book drive is in a ventilated area and that nothing is blocking the airvents in the back of the drive, also avoid to put it in top of anything that could be another source of heat. In case you would like to test any of the drives for failures using a software that is available in the WD web site, you can see further details below.


Today one of my MyBooks is temperature 62°C,

The WD Quick View control says Temperature: OK, :LOL:

If the WD Quick View control says Temperature says is OK, I would only make sure the precautions that were sent to you before are taken and periodically test the drive with the diagnostic software, the extended test often repairs errors encountered.