WDFME.Exe Uses Too Much CPU

Judging from other posts, this appears to be a general problem and I can’t seem to find a solution short of just removing the program. No matter how many updates I get from WD this program continues to churn on its own, taking up blocks of CPU and slowing my system down. WD some time ago could only suggest updating the software because they are on top of the problem. I don’t think they really know what’s happening. I am currently looking at my screen with no other applications running, a system that was on all night in idle with WD software active, and WDFME is taking 82% CPU.

I’m giving up. After months of dealing with my laptop’s battery being halfed by the constant cpu usage, while hoping WD would be coming up with a fix, I now realize that nothing is going to happen. I’ve uninstalled it and will not be purchasing another WD product again.