WDFME.EXE disable

I just renamed the program WDFME.EXE to WDFMEXX.EXE and it seems to not load and not even tell me it didn’t load. I have reloaded just once so it may be temperary. It was in (Program Files (x86)/Western Digital/WD Smartware/Front parlor/WDFME). I do not garentee this, there may be a reason to not do this so proceed at own risk.

What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish by renaming that files?

WDFME.EXE was taking 100% of my computer at times. This has stopped the program from running.

I didn’t know what this program did except it was taking over my system and I could delete it and it would quit. So I just took the quick way and just made the program unloadable. Now that I have become familiar with this I have just uninstalled the system. Sorry.