WDFirmwareUpdater and WD Drive Utilities Can't find my Passport

p/n: WDBBEP0010BSL


Firstly, my Macbook can’t recognise it at USB SuperSpeed(USB 3.0) before I install WD +TURBO.( just found that this is not related to WD turbo, if the hard disk is connected when computer is booting, recognised as USB3.0, otherwise, USB 2.0) In other PCs, when the workload is heavy (e.g speed is up to 100mb/s), this harddisk will disconnect occasionally. So, i want to update the firmware, but WDFirmwareUpdater said can’t find disk to update. Also, WD Drive Utilities can’t find it either.

What should I do?

P.S.:In system information App, the manufacture of this hard disk is Norelsys, and the S/N is werid too(

0123456789ABCDE). Is this belonged to WD?


The conflicting Serial Numbers and Manufacturers sound puzzling. I would recommend testing the device with Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics in a Microsoft Windows system in order to properly test and identify the disk drive. If it is correctly detected as a WD Passport then you may proceed to update the firmware on the Microsoft Windows system, and may indicate an internal driver conflict on the Apple Mac system. If WinDLG matches the description on the Apple Mac system then I would recommend returning the product to the place of purchase for a direct replacement or a refund.

Instructions for downloading and using WinDLG are available in the following link:


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Thanks for replying.

I formatted the whole disk in Windows, and I’ve done the test in that app. Here’s the results, model number and s/n seem to be correct but it can’t be found by firmware updater or utilities. That’s really annoying.