wdf_violation error

I am trying to boot up my desktop and I keep getting a " Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

We’ll restart for you

"If I want to know more I can search online later for error: WDF_Violation.

Please help and explain. It is only 2 weeks old and it is a 4 TB WD Blue SSHD

Some quick googling shows that this error usually occurs when there is a driver corruption issue (the most common cause I could find was the iphone/pad/pod drivers that come with itunes) for any device - this could be the HD, or it could be any number of other devices.

Did you install the drive with a fresh OS install or did you add it to an existing system? What version of Windows? Fully up to date? Is there anything external (USB drives, etc.) besides the mouse and keyboard attached?

WD uses drivers that are built into the OS so a fresh install (of windows) SHOULD fix the issue as a last resort.

I cloned the old hd to a new sshd. So nothing fresh occurs. Should I just format and do a clean installation of everything