WDEP freezes up when browsing

Hi Community

Have any of you ever experienced that your WDEP freezes when browsing movies, pictures ect? Mine does it alot, and i have to unplug the power in order to get it back, this is really annoying. I have tried to defrag the drive to see if that would help, but no luck. Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks in advance


Note: its the 2TB version i have and its about 670GB filled

Hi. I’ve had a 2TB EP for about six months and it’s more than half-filled with fairly large (1-5 GB) MKV files.  I have never experienced any slow down or “freezing.”  However, I do not use the “list” or preview display mode, only the mis-named “thumbnail” mode.  Have you tried changing this setting? I don’t know why that should cause problems of hanging, only slowing down, but it’s worth looking at.

If this does solve the problem, perhaps you have a few corrupt files and the EP is having trouble displaying them in preview?

Will try it out to see if it will work, thanks alot johnaduk

It looks like you are right on the money johnaduk, after changing the display mode, im able to browse around for sofar 10 mins without the unit freezing, this is a personal record :slight_smile:

Anyways, thank you for the tip and responding