WDElements 3TB HD doesn't work on win8?

First, the HD works perfectly fine on my win8 64bit with the original enclosure (USB2.0)

Because USB2.0 is very slow. I opened the enclosure and directly connected it (a WD Green HD WD30EZRX) to desktop tower through SATA. Win8 doesn’t recognize this HD. It says the HD needs format. I can’t do this since I have some data on it.

Then I put the HD back to the enclosure and connect through USB, it works great.

I doubt there’s something magical with the small SATA-USB adapter board.

Any hints that I can use the HD directly with my desktop?

Depending on your mother board it might be UIEF that Windows 8 can use instead of standard BIOS. It’s known to cause problems with hardware. Google that and see what you can find. It’s fairly new and not well understood by most users.


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Hello mate,

There are a few USB - Sata adapter around, I don’t know if the going to work with your OS. I know for sure in Windows 7 I tried before and it work like a charm.

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thanks for the replies.

I think I can blame my mainboard (foxconn aloe) or bios…

in my bios, it doesnt recognize this HD as 3TB.

i guess you guys have a newer machine which can recognize 3+TB HDs.