WDDMStatus, WDFME, WDSC running even after uninstalling Smartware (is this normal?)


I just plugged in my new My Book Essential 1TB USB 3.0 drive (to a USB 2.0 port) last night.  To make a long story short, I decided that I should uninstall Smartware because it doesn’t do what I need and prefer to use other backup software.  That and 2 bluescreens after installing Smartware made me decide to remove it.

I uninstalled the software the Windows way (am using Windows XP) but noticed that after I rebooted, the processes WDDMStatus.exe, WDFME.exe, and WDSC.exe are still running.  I also see the Smartware icon still appears on the system tray, though it does nothing when I click or right click on it.  I can only get rid of it when I kill the WDDMStatus.exe process.

My question is: should these processes still be running even after uninstalling Smartware?  Or did the uninstall fail to remove these services?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t explain why those processes survived the uninstall, but you may be able to use MSCONFIG to disable them.