On installing the smartware software for my book elite, I checked to allow WDDMStatus to install. This program is a nuisance as it sends out every 10 seconds and is using up my expensive bandwidth. I have it presently firewalled but I would like to know how to properly get rid of it.

Smartware is a lot of bloatware and resources. You can unintall the program or if you dont want to do that go to your services under your control panel–> admin tools and disable this service. I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon software for backups!

Let me know.

Disabling works OK , it gets rid of the system tray icon.  I downloaded Acronis true image WD software free from WD site and this is a great product if you have a WD hard drive.

Yes Acronis is awesome. After 30 days you will have to buy it. A good investment for peace of mind.

I use the pay version and like it. Make sure you make the rescue disk. I have my HD partitioned system and programs on one and the data on the other. You can restore the system in less that 15 min and it doesn’t affect your data. I use CD to boot from to make a system image. Booting from disk runs it from a little Linux program, it doesn’t install anything. That way you are free of anti virus or anything running in background from causing problems.



The WD edition is free it’s just a bit stripped down. I don’t think it does incremental backups for one thing.