I have a 2TB MyBook Live on my home network. I have recently been examining the Windows 7 PC which I initially used to set up the MyBook, because it is making continuous use of the hard disk (common enough issue), and I have noticed that there is something called “WDDMService” that starts automatically and that periodically reads a bunch of registry keys and loads up upnp.dll.

What is WDDMService? Would it have gotten installed when I set up the MBL? What does it do? Is it looking for locally-attached drives (which it will never find any of)? As I access my MBL over the network (by IP), and configure it from the web browser, do I need to have WDDMService running at all, or can I safely disable it? In fact, can I uninstall it? And how would I do that?



You have that service running because you have Smartware installed, that is the backup software that came bundled with the my book, if you are not using it you can uninstall it.