WDDM Service

I installed a Passport Elite last week.  Every time I boot up my computer (Windows XP), a little dialog box pops up that reads “WDDM Service not running”  and there is a little button to click that reads “OK”.

Anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it?  Everything seems to be working fine otherwise.

Thanks in advance.


That’s An Issue related to the Wd smartware , but heres What you can do :

1 - uninstall the wd smartware

2- Reinstall it Once more >That’ it

That will solve your Issue and you wont get that message anymore …

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Gab,

Thanks for another response.  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work.  I removed Smartware with the “Add or Remove Programs” utility.  When I rebooted, I still get the message that the “WDDM Service is not Running”.  Should I have done something different?



HI :slight_smile: , Try to make sure that theres not any wd smartware or smartware updater installed in your computer , i had that same issue before and removing everything related to the wd smartware solved it …

Ahhhh.  There is still an updater.  I’ll try again.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


OKEY :slight_smile: , Hope to hear from you soon …

Hey Gab,

No Luck   :cry:

I uninstalled the Smartware and Updater, which in turn removed the VCD.  On reboot and reinstall, I still get the WDDM Service dialog.

You were also helping me with another issue with a Windows Installer popping up every time I open an app.  When I reinstalled Smartware I had the installer search the VCD for the proper SES Driver.  It installed it successfully, but I still get the Windows Installer pop up when opening apps.

Any other thoughts or ideas please?

Thanks again.  -Ken

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

[edit] Try re-installing SmartWare using this KBA to do it.