WDDM Service Not Running

When I plug in my Passport it no longer works - the software dialog boxes that used to show up to allow me to unlock the hard drive and back up data are gone.  I get the message listed above( WDDM Service Not Running).  I have spent over two hours on the phone w/2 WD techs to no avail.  How can I get my passport to work again?

I am able to see the Passprt hard drive and I can see my saved data.  But I can’t back up new data and am unable to “retrieve” stored data.



I got the same problem.

i was kinda annoyed with the software 'cause i’m so use to drag and drop…

so i deleted everything in the hard drive including software and extras and whatever was inside.

now im stuck with a useless hardddrive. i tried downloading the software and drivers and firmware again. it doesnt show up on my computer. D:

also when i do update the firmware, it keeps saying to connect my hard drive and then rescan. i cant get past that.