WDDM service is not running

my PC running on windows vista, suddenly not reading MY PASSPORT ESSENTIAL  when connected. The following message is displayed - “WDDM service is not running” . Kindly advise me what to do…all my files are copied/backed-up in it. will i lose all my files…that would be disastrous …PL HELP !!

It appears that the smartware service is not running properly go ahead and unistall then reinstall smartware.

Dear Lawrence,

once i uninstall the SMARTWARE software, it is possible to download the software from internet and install it back ?? pl advise…


When you un-install the WD Smartware, it will be removed only from your computer, you will still have access to the installer that is in the external drive.

when my computer is not reading the external drive itself, will it be possible to re-install WD SmartWare from it ?

I am a bit confuse now, your computer cannot read your external drive at all? It is not been detected?

my Passport Essential is working today - my PC is reading it when connected… sorry for the troubles caused to you all… thanks,

No problem glad to hear it worked out for you. :slight_smile: