WDDM is not running complications

I have a Passport Elite 320 Gb running on a HP a6120n Vista machine. I noticed no activity on it for a few days. Then WDDM is not running came up, although in Task Manager WD SmartWare has been running. When I brought up SmartWare on the task bar, System (my computer) information shows, but nothing else. When I try to click on Update Software, Contact us, or anything else, MS Word opens with some html code. I can’t do anything else. I saw a post on answers.microsoft to uninstall the software, so I did in Control Panel -the only place I could do it. They say reinstall the software…how to do that?

Is there any way I can use this as a regular external hard drive now - to be able to see what’s actually on there and transfer files back and forth? I’ve had it for three years so it has a lotta stuff on it .

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get an anser here.

I checked it out on my XP machine and Windows Explorer saw it - as a virtual drive - I’m not sure what that’s all about. So I hooked it back up to this un and Windows installed the software this time. In Windows Esplorer on XP and this machine says 0 bytes free of 644 MB. This is a 320 GB drive.
So now it wants me to set up everything again, like it’s a new drive and I just installed it. I don’t understand what’s going on here.
When I first got it, I asked a WD tech if I can just use it as an external drive. But the way it’s set up…I can’t see the files that are on it, I can’t put what I want on it, I can’t transfer to another computer any specific files if I hook it up to that. It seems it’s extremely limited to WD’s parameters.

After all this, I think I have it set up again, but it looks like there’s nothing on the drive. How can this be when I’ve backed up nearly 140 GB in the last two years.

I spent the last two hours backing it all up…again. What’s to guarantee that all my data will not disappear again without any notice whatsoever?

What you are showing is not the drive…

The Smartware VCD is embedded partition to run backups and unlock the drive

The drive is not been recognized… You can check on disk management to see if it’s showing

Make sure the drive has been unlock if you have password protection