WDdiag won't work correctly in windows 7

Just built a new computer with a AMD A10-5800K using a healthy older black drive.

The latest version claims it works with 7 but it crashes. I had to run it in compatibility mode XP service pack 3.

Now this is the odd part it shows my SATA drive as a USB drive!

The drive, the only one installed is attached to the serial port 0.

Either something is goofy with the gigabyte board, drivers or the program for whatever reason can’t seem to understand.

Never had any issue with this program on various computers.

Oddly and it might be related installing crystaldiskinfo which I have on various computers shows no drive installed.

The controller is set to raid ready but no raid is currently being used, maybe that is throwing these programs off but it should not.

Anybody have an issue like this?

Try running a test with DLG. 


what sata controller do you have ? Intel ? Nvidia ?

i know many programs can have issues on win7 x64 with the default windows drivers.

using those on my machine makes various stuff greyed out on a bunch of HDD programs.

i have an onboard nvidia controller so as soon as i install nvidia’s drivers and version

all programs work perfect…

i think the DOS based version is a better idea anyway.