WDCloud not visable in Network windows 10

I’m from the Netherlands and I have bought myself the WDcloud but I can’t get ik worked.
I don’t see aan dutch community so I hope you can help me. Ik hope I my question is clear because my Englisch is not so good.

Ik can not connect with my WDcloud.
Ik see my Wd cloud storage under my computer but when I click on that it doesn’t open the map with shares/folders but it opens internet explorer and I get connected to the online dashboard.
What do I have tot do tot get this worked?

You may want to review the following thread that has a variety of solutions for Windows 10/My Cloud issues that may or may not help in your instance. Generally one needs to ensure they have Windows 10 network settings configured to Private and not Public and that they have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled in their Windows 10 network settings.


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