WDC WD5000AAKS-22TMA not showing up as a drive letter (data already exists on the drive)

The problem i am having is that 1 of the two drives (in the setup below)  is not appearing in under my computer > manage > disk management (windows 7 64bit) but i can see the disk in the device list when i check under system devices. I have the problem drive in an external usb 3.0 enclosure and it is recognized as a device but does not show up as a disk. Any thoughts on how i can get the device to show up as a disk???  There is data on this drive (raid 0) that i would like to recover.

The WD diags do not see this drive when it’s connected via usb.  directly in the computer prevents the os from booting.

Here is the setup I had:
DFI Lan Party Ultra-D NF4 and were in an Nvidia RAID-0 configuration:

just as an fyi… i was backing up my data when all this started happening. the backup failed.

a RAID0 drive can’t be removed from the controller or the drive(s) it’s paired with as the data is written accross all drives in the set

a RAID0 stripe spanning 2 drives would look like this:

HDD0: Ti i te dt!
HDD1: hsshaa

a RAID1 Mirror on two drives would look like this:

HDD0: This is the Data!
HDD1: This is the Data!

it is possible to break a RAID1 mirror into two individual drives containing the same Data

but not possible with RAID0 stiped volumes

i’m not trying to use the data from one drive alone.  I’m trying to rebuild the raid 0 array.

If you disconnect a drive from the raid array and plug it into another pc it should show up as a raw partition containing some metadata about the raid array but will appear mostly empty.

The problem is that the drive is not even visible to the OS.  It appears only in device manager and nowhere else.

I have the same problem including that it contains data, but when I go into Boot Menu, it shows up as “Failed”.  It was istalled two days ago and was brand new.  Seemed to work, but when I signed on the AM it was gone.

I had the same problem.  I went to device manager and uninstalled the  hard drive in question.  I disconected the drive  - turned off computer and reconnected the drive.  When I turned on the computer, the raid array started.  All is well.  The drive will appear in the boot menu and device manager but not any other place as RAID is a continuous operation.

if the drive shows up off the array on another computer in device manager but not in explorer / my computer

did you go to compmgmt.msc and do the drive manager and see if the drive shows there?

can you add a drive letter to it?

even if it doesnt have a drive letter, can you test it with winDLG diagnostic?

if not, can you give it a drive letter and test it with winDLG diagnostic?

I’m having the exact same problem with a WD50000AAVS drive out of a RAID array…it will not work inside a USB2.0 enclosure, but is recognised by connecting directly to the motherboard SATA cables.

One thing I wondered about was the PUIS mode (jumper 3 and 4) - I read that Power Up In Standby is normally supported by RAID controllers but I suspect not by a USB enclosure. If the drive is set to PUIS mode, then it will not even spin up until it gets the correct SATA command:


Although my drive is not jumpered for PUIS, I can’t help feeling this has something to do with it not working in a plain SATA disk enclosure.