WDC WD4005FZBX0 makes wierd noise

Hi, I bought this 4 TB WD black enterprise and it makes wierd noises when I run Data Lifeguard Diagnostic . I also tried HDDScan the noise accours when I run the butterfly test. I will share the test result aswell as the noise it makes when I run the test. Also When I enter the serial number the warranty doesnt show up. I tried the same with WD black 1 tb and it showed the warranty. What should I do ?!

the noise it makes when testing: https://soundcloud.com/user-105487552-910887548/wd-black-4-tb-noise

I recently bought a 4TB WD Black drive and can confirm it makes this audible noise as well running the same test, as well as a “clunk” noise every 5 seconds.

Hope it is normal :confused: