WDC WD2500AAJB-00WGA0 chkdsk corrupt


I recently had some serious blue screening issues, so I decided to pop in my restore
disk and start from scratch.  After the format through the restore disk, windows installed fine
however,when I restarted the only way the computer would boot up if the restore disk
was actually in the dvd rw drive.  Not sure what I did exactly, the hard drive itself is on cable select
and the optical drive is under Master, I also have a floppy drive as well.  My boot order in bios is
HD, optical, floppy.  When I restart the computer I was getting a NTLDR message, which I googled and was instructed to
copy paste 2 files from the actual restore disk: ntdlr and NTDECT from the i836(folder on the restore disk).
After everything was said and done the computer boots up now without the restore disk in hand, yet i am getting a chkdsk error.
I did some searching I was told to check the hard drives health using your tool: data lifeguard.  As you can see the results
the hard drive passes with out any flaws.  Can someone help me out, this computer issues is driving me crazy.




Start again from scratch, using the restore disk, and I’ll bet it will work. My experience with Windows has taught me that just because it did not work the first time, does not mean it won’t work the next time. Patience and doggedness is rewarded in Windows.

Let us know if you still get a glitch.