WDC WD20EARX-00P > Firmware version? Is this normal?


I bought 4 WD Green 2TB a while back (less then 8-10 months) and i recently noticed something odd when one of them died on me.

one of the 3 left… has some “strange” info showing…

i can’t check the info on the one that died to confirm if it also had the “strange” info before it died (it makes the computer have strange behaviors, like freezes and stuff) and so i’m kinda worried i might have problems in the future with the one showing the “strange” info.

so, what i meen by “strange” info is this:

 - 2 of the drivers show all the SMART information and temperture info correctly:

 - while the other “strange” one…


can anyone help clarify me? is it supposed to be like that? or is it actually some kind of problem with the disk?

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As a recommendation, try testing the one that does not show the temperature with the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic. To avoid any data loss, make sure to take the information out of the drive while you test that unit.

I can’t really say about the firmware, though it does seem strange in combination with the lack of SMART data. I would certainly back that one up ASAP.

The other thing which jumps out at me is that those drives are running hot, especially for Green drives.