WDC WD20EADS-00R6B0 - sound

I am getting some sound on the drive - this the SMART status, can you tell me if everything ok ?

WDC WD20EADS-00R6B0 [Deleted]

    ID   Attribute Description   Threshold   Value   Worst   Data   Status
    01   Raw Read Error Rate   51   200   200   0   OK: Value is normal
    03   Spinup Time   21   168   136   8583   OK: Value is normal
    04   Start/Stop Count   0   99   99   1499   OK: Always passes
    05   Reallocated Sector Count   140   200   200   0   OK: Value is normal
    07   Seek Error Rate   0   100   253   0   OK: Always passes
    09   Power-On Time Count   0   96   96   3443   OK: Always passes
    0A   Spinup Retry Count   0   100   100   0   OK: Always passes
    0B   Calibration Retry Count   0   100   253   0   OK: Always passes
    0C   Power Cycle Count   0   100   100   53   OK: Always passes
    C0   Power-Off Retract Count   0   200   200   26   OK: Always passes
    C1   Load/Unload Cycle Count   0   148   148   157209   OK: Always passes
    C2   Temperature   0   118   84   34   OK: Always passes
    C4   Reallocation Event Count   0   200   200   0   OK: Always passes
    C5   Current Pending Sector Count   0   198   198   844   OK: Always passes
    C6   Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count   0   200   200   40   OK: Always passes
    C7   Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate   0   200   200   0   OK: Always passes
    C8   Write Error Rate   0   177   177   4768   OK: Always passes

Hello Mate,

What type of sound are you getting?

I would be concerned by the high raw numbers for Current Pending Sector Count, Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count, and Write Error Rate. I suggest you backup frequently and don’t trust this drive with your important data.

The Load/Unload Cycle Count is also very high. It is suggesting that the drive is parking its heads every minute or so.

3443 hours / 157209 counts = 1.31 minutes


You may want to consider applying WD’s wdidle utility to reduce the autoparking frequency. I’d see whether other people have been successful before trying it, though.

clicking sound. I am going to play safe and send it for RMA. this is the 2nd time DRIVE B is making funny sounds on my My book world edition 2x2TB.

I have sent two WD drives back to Newegg for same issue, albeit a different drive WD10EALX.  Awaiting my second replacement.  I suggest rma your drive as that sound is not normal.  Also, be careful applying any utility to the drive unless it is specifically meant for it as it may void your warranty.  If your out of warranty then give it a shot.