WDC WD10EALX-009BA0 is 'Failing' on my Mac...Replace with what?

My drive is showing ‘failing’ . need to replace . little bit of knowledge. what do I replace with that is compatible? here is something i just found on amazon. Is it right kind? How would i know if it would be the right model to connect well or any other I might search for? 

WD Green 2 TB Desktop Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, SATA III, 64 MB Cache - WD20EZRX - 

Where would I get help to how to open my 

iMac OS X 10.6.8 and replace hard drive?


WD suggests that Green drives be used as secondary, or data, drives. For your system drive you would get better performance from a Blue (more economical, but max size 1 TB) or Black (higher performance and price.) Black drives also have a 5 year warranty, versus 2 year for the Blues.

If you are considering a Blue drive, also note that they are made with a choice of cache sizes-


Black drives have better performance and durability, but some people complain of higher sound levels being noticeable in quiet systems.


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I forgot to say anything about your last question on how to get into an iMac to replace the drive. I don’t know personally, but if you search with Google for the model + ‘replace drive’ it will very likely turn up some instructions. It may very well give you  YouTube videos showing how.