WDC_WD1002FAEX-00Y9A0 not showing 6.0 Gb/s speed on MSI P55-GD85 Sata 6 controller

My hard drive doesn’t report as 6.0 Gb/s in the BIOS. I’ve heard of a utlity that fixes this, WDSSPEED, but I can’t find it, and am unsure how to use it. Thanks for the help.

Check if the hard drive has a jumper on pins 5/6, that will also downgrade the speed. Also check if the link below helps.


Jumper settings


No jumpers installed. The links for the WDSPEED are dead, thats why I’m asking for it here.


Its possible there may be a logical reason for that…


after reading that i thought well what if that is happening to you instead of being forced into a black screen problem as mentioned in that article.

maybe contact support about the issue.

solution 1 says

which might explain why this is one tool i never heard of before.