Wdc wd10

First let me mention, last year my son totally erased all my data on my external hard drive.  It asked him if he wanted to configure the drive and he pressed “yes” thinking this would format for his xbox and not know it would erase all my “stuff.”  There was very important pictures and documents on my drive so I tried to recover it, I never fully understood all the files that were in the drive so I have saved some and others just sit there because I don’t want to delete anything in hopes that one day I will learn what this means or how to pull the files from it.

I started having problems with it since (used Easeus), they were never really this issue but I have been having this issue for a long time and it seems to interfere with saving pictures to the drive, it seems to save them but they dont all load.  For example, I just added 643 pictures to the drive and you can see maybe 200, the others show the window picture icon.  I know the drive is the problem because if I put them on my computer drive, they load no problem.  It is telling me “Check your file history drive for errors (important)” the problem with that is it will not run the error check…In the past I have tried several differnt things but nothign seemed to help.  It kind of does a very little then hangs (even if you let it run overnight - one time I let it run for a couple of days, no progress).  These are family pictures and so many more things I do not want to lose.

That is also a follow up system, where can I go for the cheapest but best place for backing up a drive this larger (or larger) online?

Any and all troubleshooting is very much appreciated.

External Drive WDC - WD10  Eavs 00D7B1


Kerri P

Not sure what you need to know so here goes what I think might help

Intel Pentium CPU G3220T @ 260 GHz


64 Bit (64 Bit processor)

Windows 8.1

863 GB available of 921

Dropbox is a good alternative for online backups.

On the other hand, I’d recommend a professional data recovery service.


I thank you for the information but that doesnt really resolve my issue.  My main issue was why the hard drive is not going through the error check.  The other information was extra information and questions to add to the possibiities.  I have to be able to get to this drive and make sure it lasts at least until I can transfer it to another external hard drive - which is not financially possible right now, so whatever errors are on it, I need it to finish the scan and it wont. 


When a hard drive has too many errors a scan can become rather difficult to perform.