WDC TV Live reboots itself ! AGHH!

Anyone experiencing this ?

If I play music all is fine !!  If however I am playing music and then view a photo slideshow at the same time  the unit reboots itself after only a few mins !  We are streaming media from a linux file server !! Network is all fine for sure !!

Anyone any ideas ?  WDC have you ? This is very frustrating after forking out a hundred quid for this thing !!

Reboots are never fun.

What firmware are you using?

The latest my friend !

Off the top of my head I think it was 1.01.24

Yup, that’s the latest official release.

I’ve tried accessing music via a media server (TVersity), then going back and starting a photo slideshow whilst the music continues playing.  Left it running for about 10 minutes and no reboot.

Currently doing the same via network share but no reboots yet.

Are you accessing your music / photos via media server or network share?

Also, are you viewing Flickr or photos stored on the server?  If on the server, how big is the slideshow and are any photos unusually large in dimensions or filesize?

Are you playing regular MP3s or some other format for the music?

Hopefully someone else running the 1.01.24 firmware can test this out as I’m running a beta firmware.

On the other hand, if I’m not having an issue with it, chances are the next official release will work better for you.  :)


Thanks 4 the input !

I have a linux file server running ubuntu 8.04… And Im viewing folders that contain photos & they are all between half & 1,5 meg  so not really massive…

The music itself is a mix of mp3 & wma files !

I am currently trying a longer time between slideshow transitions so will see if that makes any difference !!

Kind Regards



firmware released yesterday at the moment seems  good !!!