WDC Red cant read in Sata

Hey all , I have an external drive that I format to NTFS from adapter SATA to USB3 in my MacBook Pro, when I try to connect the hard drive to the standard SATA in my PC , I can see that the hard drive is recognized but can’t use it, it’s saying “the disk you inserted was not readable by the computer” on the mac, and in the windows that the disk is unallocated, but when I connect the hard drive to the same mac or PC via the USB-SATA adapter, its looks fine and work correctly. How can I fix that?

the drive is WD Red 10TB
Firmware Number: 83.H0A83

Hi zangiamit91,

You would require to format the drive in exFAT file format in order to use the drive on both Windows and Mac operating system.