WDC MBL Warranties on Replacements

Suggest people check their MBL warranty on their replacement MBL.

I find that WDC has my MBL replacement that I received on Apr 2, 2012 has a “warranty” that ends in Jul 27, 2012.  NOT GOOD.

The previous replacement had a warranty that ended in 2013; the original MBL had a warranty that ended in 2014.

So is WDC really going to use the warranty for the latest drive for support?  It does look like that when Aug, 2012 arrives, I will have to take apart the MBL to get at my data since it will no longer be warranted unless I pay for an extension.

This make think twice about doing any “updates”, even if the Apr update will fix many problems.

DONT do an update - it will brick yopur MBL - units are “not fit for purpose”

sorry, I don’t mean to rub salt in wound, but I use my mbl all the time and I didn’t have any problems with this update.  it works for me just fine.