WDC Live cannot play my HD set-top box files

I have a Topfield TF7000HDPVRt that records in HiDef.  Using VideoLan I can play its recorded filesVideoLan reports the codecs to be Video: mpgv (they say this is MPG1/2), audio: a52 (they say AC3 or Dolby).

Both of these are in the list of supported codec of the WDC Live media player - yet it cannot play them. The only thing I can find that doesn’t match the advertised list of supported codecs is the frame rate - the WDC Live player advertises 60 whereas this file is 50.

Is there anything I can do to get the WDC Live player to play these files?

50 is an odd frame rate (not quite sure what’s going on there) but before I’d worry about that I’d try this – using Handbrake (freeware), run one of your files through using the High Profile preset but change the output container to MKV (leave everything else alone).  See if the result will play.

If not, then you can go to Picture properties in Handbrake and change the framerate to something else (the default is “Same as Source”, but in this case change it to 30).  See if THAT will play.  Both of these tests will tell us something.

50 is common in PAL formats.

If, indeed, you are in a region that uses the PAL standards, you can switch the WDTV to PAL.  Not sure if that will make a difference, though…

Wouldn’t he already have his HDTV set to Pal (and the Live as well) if he lived in such a region?