WDC 2TB Elements WD20EARS CAV GREEN 64mb (S/NWCAZA4016233)

Long story short…

Own the above HDD.  I have 2.  1 was a backup and the other a backup of a backup.

The latter was in my closet and the former was dropped in a parking lot (the case was intact).  IDC about that one as I manged to save a little bit off it and was told dont even think about it as it will run 1k-2k to recover.

So that leaves the other one which I had ONLY used 4 times…yes 4.

That 4th time I went and procured from closet, plugged in, and hooked up the usb and adapter for power.

No spinning, light blinks on and off, wont show its ugly azz face in Disk Mgt, wont show up on XP, Vista, or 7.  I tried to use a sata cable but found out the Mother wont support the power on a 3.5’er.

Called WDC and they said I need to send to a "partner: for assesment, they will send me a new one but not after I fork over my 16 digits and expiration date just in case I never send out.  What BS.  This company **bleep** and so do there HDD line.  Not only that I understand the dropped one but the other?  Only plugged in 4X in 1 yr?  WTH!

Any help would be appreciated and give it top me straight.  Should I send out and do give my CC to procure a new one?  Is there anything I can do as this problem seems widespread but everyone is an expert these days and make it even worse with 15 different troubleshoots and fixes.  Someone has got to know.  Its blinking, no spinning, it wont read in the PC, and I;m a pissedoffcusty!

End Rant.

Oh by the way, I took it out of the enclosure and while I did I kind of made the hole a little bigger trying to pry iy out so it is noticable to the naked eye.  Will I be declined a replacement once WDC receives this?  Even after it was done after I spoke with a rep?  Anyway TGIF and Beer30!

If it’s not spinning after connecting it directly to a motherboard’s SATA port and PSU, then that would suggest a PCB fault. You state that you “found out the Mother wont support the power on a 3.5’er”.

What do you mean by that?

Are you saying that the drive causes the PC’s PSU to shut down? Do the fans kick once and then stop? If so, then the problem may be as simple as a shorted TVS diode.

See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/TVS_diode_FAQ.html

… and http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/ (photo clips)