Simple question, is WDBWLG0180HBK-NESN a CMR or SMR drive?

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I cannot get any answers from Seagate or WDC w/r/t your valid spec’n query. At best, they refer to the physical drives but no one ever lists which model numbers have which physical drives inside, i.e., and thus, which of the two technologies is inside a model remains a guarded secret. I think it is because the query is actually one asking for lists of which one works and which one that does not. As said in “The Prisoner” tv seriew: “That would be telling.” I refer to SMR as one that has hideously-low performance after the drive is 50% full and which may tend to corrupt the storage media due to the doubling-up of r/w access in the most-accessed drive locations. It’s like [cr]Apple default their Time Machine app to do backups 96 times per day; it wears out the internal hard drive and the user (with slowdown tedium). Repeat sales to suckers! My suspicion is that 8+ TB drives use the cheaper-to-produce (bigger TB quantity per amount of media). That’s ‘quantity’ (as in) over ‘quality’. I dare say that as a Test/QA engineer (at Tektronix, Intel, Cypress Semiconductor, Network General, and Mentor Graphics Corporation) that no long-term performance testing or durability testing was done, except by CPAs, sales managers, stock brokers, and, of course, bankers. Q: how do you tell when a banker is lying? A: when ITS mouth is open.