WDBHG70000NBK-HESN Screen Flashes Black while streaming video or youtube


Which firmware?



What happened?

Screen flickers black.


What were you doing?

Watching a video file (mkv) (avi) Youtube


Does this happen every time?

yes after a few mins in and every 5 minutes


What hardware and media were you using?

WD TV LIve Hub, mkv\avi media files, youtube


Did this happen with previous firmware?

Unknown, Updated as soon as I plugged it in


Does power cycling the unit solve this?



Does resetting to factory defaults solve this?



Have you tried this on other devices?

No, WDLIVE is only device I own.


I Purchased a WDBHG70000NBK-HESN a few days ago and it offered a update to Firmware Version 3.08.14 when I connected it through wireless. I updated and everything seemed fine at first until I started to watch youtube and avi\mkv files. It will play fine and then the screen will flash black for a few seconds and then resumes the video. I I have it hooked up hdmi with the selection set on auto for resolution. It even does this on youtube. I even changed the resolution from auto to a set, 1080 or 720 and it still presists.

I had a problem that sounds similar to this by YOUR description…turned out to be my TV :frowning: It still does this flashing line thing but I noticed it the VERY first time and ONLY saw it happen on the WD hub. But with the passing of time I now see it happen while viewing regular TV shows. I have been told it’s my timing controler, but I haven’t confirmed this as yet. I may open the TV and get the part number and replace it (about 40.00US). If that doesn’t fix it then it’s new TV time.

Suggest you connect your WDBHG70000NBK-HESN to a different TV and see what happens.

nope, different tv didnt work. I tried with a different hdtv and a normal analog tv with the a\v cable hook up.

same thing.

At this point I would be returning it. I can’t recall recall any other threads with anyone having this issue, but then I’m pretty old and don’t remember everything :slight_smile:

I agree – I think your box has a hardware problem.

whats the number for WD. I cant find the box to exchange at best buy :frowning:


… but check at Best Buy anyway.   As long as you’re honest with them, they may be willing to do an exchange on the player if you paid with a credit card or still have your receipt — even without the box.

Often you can go to Customer Service with just the player and the receipt and tell them the player has a hardware problem, they’ll go get a new one off the shelf, and swap it out of the box.

Make sure you format the internal drive beforehand, though…