WDBFJK0030HBK file system error

Hello i have a verry weired problem with a couple of my book’s i purchased a couple of years ago for my company. some of them where broken after the installation i put them back into a box and forgot about them until now my company got sold and we tidied the basement and i found the box with this near brand new drives!
i pluggt them in and i get nothing on the screen, because the warranty expired anyway i decidet to crack them open and take the actual harddrives out and connect them directly via sata in a test systhem and they got recognized in the device manager but i cant find them in the explorer under my PC. As next step i opend the disk management there they got recognized too but they where shown as unknown and without a filesysthem , to create a file systhem is impossible because i cant click the button!? in the data lifeguard software from WD they shown as good and as i start the ereasing i get a e/a error?! If someone of you has a idea to fix this drives i would appreciate your help scince this drives are practicly new they have no clicking noises they spin up just fine!
Please excuse my bad english iam from a other country :smiley:

Thank You !!!

internal drives of WDBFJK0030HBK (My Book device) are hardware encrypted with its My Book enclosure and not provide access to read files. You may try to use USB adapter or Linux OS to access the data.