WDBFJ0040HBK-NESN, failed unser warantee, cannot reach anyone at WD

I have two identical 4TB external hard drives, one for Windows backup, one for Norton backup so if one failed I would have the other. One drive failed completely within warantee, neither PC or laptop recognize it, completely dead, power light stays on. Tried calling support, found only 30 days covered, gave up and printed RMA label. Clicked on buy UPS label, filled out all credit card information and clicked Submit, and the window jumped back to main support page. No confirmation of paid label, printing the label it said was unpaid.

I tried and tried and tried to find some way to contact WD in a dialog of phone, chat, or email and no VM option will bring me to a human being. I do not want to pay for another label, what do I do?

Your case has been forwarded to the corresponding teams since this is related to WD’s RMA system.